Mêda has been “rediscovered” in recent years.

In the 1950’s and 60’s, its wines were well-known and very popular in restaurants of Porto, alongside Vinho Verde and Vinho Maduro.

Our relationship with Mêda began in 2003, and since then, we have paid special attention to the region, working diligently with its wines.

This terroir, once famous, is now diluted within the vast DOC Douro and possesses extraordinary potential of its own.

Despite belonging to the Douro Superior, Mêda has its own character. It is situated between the Dão and Douro regions, exhibiting characteristics of both. The soil transitions between schist and granite in an area with altitudes reaching up to 700 meters. The climate here is wetter than the general Douro Superior, with milder summers and colder winters.

For these reasons, in our opinion, this region deserves its own denomination within the DOC Douro.

Thus, the wine Mater-Dôme is born, the essence of the heights.

Tech Sheet – Mater-Dôme Red 2007
Tech Sheet – Mater-Dôme White 2023